Sat Feb 19 17:27:02 CET 2005

we got wiki!

So, after wasting some time with underdocumented software and getting really mad I retried.
Even though Ruby is a really weird looking language, it seems to be one of those "It works"(tm) kind of things.
After only a few minutes of hacking around I have instiki running ... neat. So, for all the portage hackers among you:
The Portage Wiki
I hope that some documentation will find its way there. If you want to participate, mail me and I might give you edit access.

Back to learning ... :-\

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Thu Feb 17 20:13:36 CET 2005

Frustrations during installation

Well ... I tried.
I really tried.
But sometimes the simple tasks are the most difficult.
All I wanted was a wiki. Not a redundant server farm or something complex. Just a wiki. Well, not written in PHP 'cause I get angry reading PHP code. Ok, so I try moinmoin. Really simple: fetch tarball, unpack, install, done. Right?

Not quite. you see, that installs stuff to $RANDOM_LOCATION. The docs ask me to create another $RANDOM_LOCATION with a $RANDOM_SUBDIR, then edit my apache config, create some more dirs, copy stuff, edit some files here and there ...

I give up. I just can't cope with that level of unmaintainability for the moment.
Well ... no moinmoin wiki for me today. Maybe next week or so, when reading ~40 pages of bad documentation don't make me insane ...

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Thu Feb 17 18:16:01 CET 2005

All work and no play make Patrick a dull boy

I'm getting to the point where holidays would be really great. Well, that'll have to wait until mid-March. In the meantime, I'm absorbing so much stuff it starts to permeate my dreams. Only a week until I can forget all that stuff and start absorbing Automata in different flavors. And logics programming.

On the Gentoo side of things, the portage wiki will happen soon. Then maybe something like a "roadmap" happens. Maybe.
If I find the time I might try to get a really weird concept sketched out for discussion. Basically getting rid of rsync servers :-)

But first things first. Back to learning ...

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Wed Feb 16 22:22:18 CET 2005

Work in progress

For those of you interested in what is on my todo list: Well ... it is long. But the most important things:
A working tinderbox setup
A working deltup server hierarchy
enhanced (transparent caching proxy) distfiles servers
(maybe) a split out patch server
And those are only the "big" Gentoo projects. When I'm not learning for my exams (yay!), I'm still preparing a short presentation on the features of portage which will be held at FOSDEM.
The rudimentary script repository which I created some time ago might get a good facelift from pythonhead. Much goodness :-)
My plans for world domination will have to wait while I get those small and trivial things done first.
So much to do, so little time ...

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Wed Feb 16 21:07:43 Local time zone must be set--see zic manual page 2005

Does it work?

Following the recent trend, I've started a blog. Don't expect it to be updated on a regular basis or that it contains useful content ... I'm much too strange for that :-)

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Wed Feb 16 21:04:52 Local time zone must be set--see zic manual page 2005

My blogging blog

Testing ...

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