Sun Oct 16 15:56:15 CEST 2005

Having fun with Open software ;-)

Since I enjoy breaking stuff I thought I'd give myself a new toy to play with. At first glance a BSD would have been fun, but I thought: "Hey ... Sun released OpenSolaris ... that'll be interesting!"
As expected there's a website ... looking good ... download ...
Uhm ... what's that? You need a Solaris install to install OpenSolaris? That's not really open, is it? But ok, I don't mind installing stuff. I'll just fetch Solaris 10 and ... oh ... what's that? You want my Name, Email adress, Telephone Number, ... ? No thanks!
If that's "Open" I must have missed the memo. But fear not! There's an OpenSolaris LivsCD ... SchilliX. I wonder why the OpenSolaris website pretends it doessn't exisst, but not my problem. I'll just download it and boot. Right?
Now I have to say I'm one of those weird people that use VMWare for testing, and of course that's not the best platform I can imagine for testing things. But: SchilliX reliably causes VMWare to throw an exception because it messes with the (virtual, disabled) SCSI controller in unexpected ways. So I can't even test this amazing "Open" Solaris thingy. I guess I'll have to stick with open software instead ...

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