Sat Jul 1 20:40:36 CEST 2006

The new server, finally

I'm really happy to announce the availability of my new server. Well, it's not really mine, it's an extended loan from the really nice people from and David in particular. This most excellent dude managed to provide me:

AMD64 3200+
250GB disk (plus backup disk)

And even more amazing this box has no traffic restrictions. For me this is a really wonderful thing, I'm still unsure how I can adequately thank these wonderful people.
Already I have some "customers" pummeling this box, among them ChrisWhite and Halcy0n (who will abuse it to do some nice gcc4 patch testing :-) ). All other Gentoo devs (especially the amd64 and x86 kind) are welcome to use this machine (either as a compile box or as a webserver), I'm willing to run almost anything if you can convince me!
Non-devs are welcome too, be it arch testers or overlay wranglers or whatever you can convince me of. After all this box is for now ... if you need hosting for anything Gentoo-related drop me a line and I'll see how we can arrange things.

Thanks again to my french sponsors, I hope to be able to return the favours and help you whenever you have problems!

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