Tue Nov 7 21:56:38 CET 2006

it's alive! ;-)

The last few days I have not filed many bugs - what tinderbox detects is pretty much static now, so I can only wait for things to be fixed now. I've considered starting a ~x86 instance, but that will lag behind quite a lot, I'm not sure that is reasonable.
It's quite nice to see that there are many people working on fixing bugs, but at the same time it is frustrating to see that some devs seem to not care for bugs or don't seem to know how to use bug status (hint: don't RESOLVED FIXED it while it still fails).

Anyway, I've ripped out some of the silly bits of swegener's original code (which is nice, but in some places it needs some minor improvements). I'm quite grateful for the base he has given me to improve upon, just ... well ... forkbombs are not fun :-D

So when not tired and frustrated from work I'm improving the code by migrating it to pkgcore with the goal of getting a topological sort of the install order - let me explain:
Right now I just walk packages in alphabetical order, see that all DEPEND is merged, then compile that package and build a binpkg out of it. The downside of that approach is that I merge and unmerge metric tons of binpkgs because I only want the minimal set of DEPEND installed.
So in some cases I merge xorg+KDE, compile 35 seconds, then unmerge all that again - which takes in some cases minutes. Thus comes the idea: build a graph. then sort it so that you install packages in an optimized order. You can also split that graph into independent components and distribute building to multiple machines then ... but it's not as easy as it sounds :-) I'm still at the "build a graph" step, but it's quite motivating ... and when I'm done I'll put an ebuild in sunrise. So there.

For greater goodness! Release 'zig!

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