Tue Oct 23 00:04:53 CEST 2007


My last hardware upgrade brought some nice increases in speed. Having found and removed one nice bottleneck here's the result: A speedrun.
Like in a computer game, where you have to finish as fast as you can ...
This movie is the result (50MB in size). I've added "grep name /proc/cpuinfo" to show that it is indeed a very small and modest machine that pwns so hard. I'm wondering if anyone is able to substantially improve my time - if you do please let me know. And if anyone wants me to do a speedrun of another package, that can be arranged too.
Within the next days I'll post some pictures, specs and an explanation how I did that eeevil time :-)

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Fri Oct 12 21:32:21 CEST 2007

building BinPkgs

# ls /home/packages/amd64-stable/ |wc -l

# ls /home/packages/i686-stable/ |wc -l

So that's getting close to 10000 binpkgs ... fun. And once I stop being lazy I'll have a look at the build-logs and see how much has failed :-)

Oh, build-time - about 3 CPU-weeks for that ...

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