Fri Jul 18 23:29:41 CEST 2008

Moar KDE things

So, KDE overlay is still metric tons of fun. With KDE 4.1 RC1 in and most things working there's not that much to do at the moment. svn is slowly showing the first sign of 4.2 as a few things are breaking every now and then.
KOffice released an alpha 9 yesterday, and Civil added that to the overlay before I could do it. So in turn I had to outdo him by adding a live koffice ebuild. That seems to mostly work, so next I'll try to see what's wrong with the split ebuilds I've been experimenting with. Most likely some really small irrelevant piece I have not yet noticed, who knows.

We're all waiting for RC2 / final of KDE 4.1 now, that'll be the next big commit fight. If you want to discuss, annoy or do other things with us feel free to join #gentoo-kde4-live on

In other news, portage has grown parallelization support in svn. You can now tell it how many ebuilds to process in parallel or limit it to a certain system load. I guess that will be one of the most popular features with end-users as you can now max out your dual quadcores all the time every time. Thanks Zac!

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Tue Jul 15 20:43:13 CEST 2008


I've been surprised today by the release of RC1 of KDE. As a reaction we've bumped the ebuilds in the kdesvn-portage overlay and are testing them as well as we can. Looks like a few things are still broken, but that should be fixed soon.

Because plasma has had a bugfixing spree a short while ago it works on all my machines now, so I'm actually using kde-svn at the moment. An I like it. What I do notice though is that my "old" 2Ghz X2 is slowly becoming obsolete, I can't keep up with all the kids and their quads when it comes to compile speed. Anyone in the mood to donate a Phenom? ;)

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