Sun Nov 23 19:35:02 CET 2008

Broken packages

Hi everyone,

today I was quite bored (how else does one get such an idea!) and started to look at the HOMEPAGE of gentoo packages.
Guess what. Many of those are not pointing where you think they'd do. Examples:

app-accessibility/gok-2.24.0 homepage=""
app-accessibility/java-access-bridge-1.6.0-r1 homepage=""
app-accessibility/nfbtrans-7.74 homepage=""
app-accessibility/pidgin-festival-2.2 homepage=""
app-accessibility/speech-tools-1.2.96_beta homepage=""
app-admin/integrit-4.0 homepage=""
app-admin/killproc-1.12-r2 homepage=""
app-admin/lcap-0.0.6-r2 homepage=""
app-admin/localepurge- homepage=""
app-admin/logrotate-3.7.2 homepage=""
And that's just a few in categories starting with a.

So if there are any OCD users out there, feel free to walk over categories and check if all packages still have correct homepages. Either file bugs or mail me a list.

Have fun!

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