Wed Aug 26 18:10:50 CEST 2009

Funtoo Halucinations

So I'm reading through my RSS feeds and stumble across this gem:

Ciaranm quoting something from the FAQ about how only works with Internet Explorer or something

So, like, I look at the Funtoo FAQ that is linked from that blog.
Read it.
Don't find any mention of Firefox
Do a fulltext search just in case

So now I'm wondering, wtf is happening?
Is this a fast edit from the funtoo people in under 30 minutes? I find that unlikely. Or is Ciaran hallucinating badly (as seen with PMS and other works of fiction) and needs to have his medication adjusted?

I'd guess it's the usual FUD, and most likely ignoring it would be the "right" thing to do, but if you catch a kid urinating in the pool you usually spank it in the hope of teaching it not to do it again.

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Fri Aug 21 11:48:43 CEST 2009


Hi y'all,

If you're unsure what to do this (22. and 23. of August) weekend and you're accidentally near Bonn or Cologne in Germania ...

FROSCON is happening again. And Gentoo will have a presence there. So if you find the time, feel free to visit (and the 5Eur entrance fee are really worth it!) and meet us. This year we have a booth and a dev room where we can demonstrate out superior slacking skills (and, of course, the most awesome metadistribution ever!)

Experience from last years suggests a very nice, filled-with-fun, meeting of geeks, nerds and people that just like meeting other people. There's a nice program filled with interesting speeches and discussion rounds, lots 'o beer and quite likely some nice grilling or other kinds of food.
At the moment it looks like the weather will be good, so that'll make it even more fun. And if all that still doesn't convince you that you have to be there ... well ... then you don't deserve it anyway!

Hope to see y'all there,

Patrick the bonsaikitten

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