Sat Oct 3 20:28:24 CEST 2009

Update: Gentoo in commercial environments

I've been busy collecting some really great stories from people using Gentoo in places that I really didn't expect. Some of them want to remain anonymous, which I have no issue with. But there are some gems like this one:

Hey, I'm the CTO of a small company in Sweden, and this is our short 'success story' :-) is a Swedish blogging platform which generate 130 000 new entries, 150 000 comments and 2 500 new accounts on a daily basis. We currently (September 25th, 2009) have a reach of 2,2M unique visitors per week.

Gentoo has always been the preferred OS choice for us. We (the developers) were all attracted by its 'sane' defaults and clean approach to software deployment.

Here at we use Gentoo for all our staging, testing and production environments. We have about 30 running instances on 32-bit, 64-bit and KVM-virtualized hardware.

Gentoo (and its wide ecosystem of utils) has been very helpful in helping us plan our environment. We use layman to distribute our own software, Metro for building custom images and a wide range of apps for maintaining our installs.

The collaborative efforts of Gentoo is inspiring and something you want to be a part of. I'm already involved through the Sunrise-overlay and hopefully qualifying as a Gentoo developer some time soon.

Johan Bergström

That's quite awesome on multiple levels, and I thank Johan for sharing this short glimpse at how people leverage Gentoo. I hope to publish a few more stories soon, so stay tuned and feel free to mail me your story!

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