Sun Feb 20 17:29:57 CET 2011

Extra Braindamage

Today I was notified of a weird bug in nodejs where DNS resolution tests failed.
So far pretty boring, but digging in it appears that Certain German ISPs That Shall Not Be Named have a very nice extra service on their router boxen.

Should any user try to resolve a non-existing domain it doesn't return a rude NXDOMAIN but points them at - which calls itself a Navigation Helper.
So apart from breaking Mail and some other marginal protocols that no one ever uses it also breaks testing DNS resolving as there will never be a negative result. This means for people writing tests that they either have to stop testing DNS (Derp, that's herp a derp stupid) or they have to hardcode known-good servers - which then breaks a while later when that nameserver moves to a different IP. Not that anyone would ever do that ...

So please, dear Telekoms of the world, don't try to Enhance the User Experience. You only make people confused, angry or both. You waste our time. Not Funny.

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Thu Feb 3 17:16:27 CET 2011

Going to FOSDEM

Like many other people I'll be at FOSDEM this weekend.
We'll have a strong presence at the beer event, which is the most important part ;)

On Saturday we're occupying a part of the Cross-Distro Devroom, and of course you'll find some of us randomly migrating around the place.
Most likely I'll be wearing a Gentoo T-Shirt to be easy to recognize. If it goes like the last few years it'll be lots of fun :)

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