Mon Aug 15 14:09:39 CEST 2011

Fighting Stupid

The mission for the day: Activate a new email account and XMPP/Jabber

Sounds easy, right? So ... let's find an XMPP client. ayttm ? Sounds nice, but ... wow ...
If it were a waiter in a restaurant it'd ask you what you want to order, then empty a glass of water over your head and bring you some raw broccoli.

Absolutely no will to live, and ignores users.
Uhm, pidgin? Certain entities recommended that. One does wonder why, because it's a deafmute that communicates by throwing things at you. Username? Pah, who needs that! And why didn't you give me a password when I didn't ask? Either way, XML Parsing Error, so I can't communicate with XMPP anyway. And you're ugly!

Good thing emerge -C works so well. Now, some other entities mentioned telepathy, and the kde telepathy bits even do something. I'm unsure if that's really the expected mode of oprtation, but it seems to have connected to ... something.

Next mission: Setting up an email account in Thunderbird. Wow. Omg. It has gotten even more pessimized since I tried the last time ...

First of all it tries to guess the communication parameters. ? Mailserver must be ... or ... or any of the other 35 wrong things it tries to connect to. SMTP? Let's do the guessing game once again. Hint: On the left side there's a button "manual configuration" which aborts this guessing game. Then you can add your own entries ...
Just to notice that some idiotic moron made it impossible to *use* your own settings. Because you get a wrong popup that claims that you can continue with these untested settings (wooooh, I'm scaaared!), but ... the button? It's greyed out. What the bleep. In a movie it would be hilarious, but ... WTF. SRSLY. URTARD.

Now then, let's go back, hit the mandatory "test settings" button (why is there a "continue button" ... oh nevermind), then it changes the settings to something wrong, you hit continue, wait until fetching emails fails, then go to settings and change it to the correct values again.

Which makes no difference because it still can't connect, so my plans to get rid of ThunderFail have been immensely accelerated.

About 2h wasted again with software that doesn't have a will to live, but at least I get some good ideas for policies and testing ...

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Sat Aug 13 11:00:20 CEST 2011

Apt-gentoo? Gentoo-apt! Hah!

I was marginally amused when I saw that some funny person had written an apt-gentoo wrapper that, err, scrolls build logs around slowly.

I guess that's a debian user's idea of an interpretation how package building works. It would have been a lot more amusing to turn debian into a proper build-from-source environment, but ... that's actually hard.

So in return I'll mention how to badly emulate apt on gentoo:
*) Create or use a binhost - this is pretty easy to set up, often FEATURES="buildpkg" is all you need to configure on the server side
*) Make the packages available, for example through http: cd /usr/portage/packages; python -m SimpleHTTPServer 80
*) set the PORTAGE_BINHOST variable to point at your newly created server
*) Tadaah. Now you have a proper binary Gentoo that behaves almost, but not completely unlike apt.

Next lesson: How to badly emulate system startup with OpenRC? ;)
(badly because it actually works, which is not part of the requirements)

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