Tue Jun 26 07:44:19 CEST 2012

The Janitor's Manifesto

(as there are Council Elections again here's my Manifesto. Or something almost, but not completely unlike it)

Most of what I do is cleaning up. Fighting entropy. Removing bugs so we can have the best distribution there is. And because there just never are enough hours in a day I like to find replacements for me. Recruit new people to do what I did so I can find the next problem.
I wont stop doing that.

Most of the things we do are outside the sphere of influence of the council. We get at least 90% of our Gentoo-work done without needing anyone to nudge us in the right direction. But it's the rest of our troubles that needs lots of discussion and motivation to find the most effective solution to our issues.

I'm an opinionated muppet. But my opinions are usually based on experience. And when I see a bad idea I'm not going to tolerate it because it might upset your feelings. Deal with it ;) But I guess people are aware that I'm, uhm, "polarizing". And getting me into the Council will make it a lot easier for me to punch stupid ideas until they go away. Like, say, the zombie GLEPs 54/55 that have been summoned back for about 2 years until people slowly got the idea that they won't be tolerated. (Amusingly we now finally have the "EAPI at beginning of file" rule that obsoletes it. So it goes.)

Independent of what you vote I'll continue doing what I do - try to recruit people, do random build experiments across the tree for fun, file bugs ... it won't get boring soon. So much to do ... but it'll be a tiny bit easier for me if I'm councilerated.

Here's a rough list of things that would be nice to have, in approximately ascending order of difficulty:
  • deprecate EAPIs so that only 0 and latest are in use
  • Signing policies - keyring, key type, etc. Make it make sense.
  • PR: make people notice us again. GWN revival, articles for LWN, etc.
  • Tools and automation: Make it easy to be lazy. Get more done in less time
  • Recruitment: assimilation of derived distros (pentoo, TinHat, Sabayon, funtoo, calculate) and others (Slackware, OpenSUSE, FreeBSD ?)
  • Recruitment: make it easy for people to contribute, and as soon as they do don't let them leave
  • Stop the Windowsification (offline updates?!) and MacOSification (systemd, /usr move, initrd as everything, trollolololooooo)
  • Be Awesome

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