Sun Sep 6 12:46:21 CEST 2015

Printers in Linux ...

I was trying to make a Brother printer do some printing. (Optimistic, I know ... but ...)
Out of the box CUPS can't handle it. Since it's CUPS it doesn't do errors, so who knows why. Anyway, the autoconfigured stuff ends up being eh whut ur doin is naught gud.

The config file points at a hostname that is not even within our local network, so I think this won't print locally. Cloud printing? Cups can do!
There's a printer driver from Brother, which is horribly stupid, bad, stupid, and bad. I read through the 'installer' script trying to figure out what it would do, but then I realized that I'm not on an RPM distro so it's futile.

So then I figured "why not postscript?"

And guess what. All the documentation I found was needlessly wrong and broken, when all you have to do is configure an IPP printer, generic postscript, and ... here comes instant good quality colour duplex output from the printer.

I'm confused about many things here - the complexity of Brother's attempt at a driver that doesn't work, CUPS autoconfiguration that sees the printer and then derps out, and all the documentation that doesn't point out that all this weird layercake of workarounds is not needed because it's a standards-compliant postscript printer.
How exhausting.

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